Mufti Sajid Attari​

A respected figure in the sphere of Islamic jurisprudence or Fiqh, has dedicated himself to the deep understanding and teaching of this intricate discipline.


His educational journey began with the comprehensive Dars-e-Nizami scholar program, followed by a specialized course in Fiqh. These academic pursuits honed his proficiency in Hanafi jurisprudence, specifically in the areas of pedagogy and fatwa drafting.

In conjunction with his religious education, Mufti Sajid Attari completed his matriculation in science during the Dars-e-Nizami course and later went on to achieve FA, BA, and MA qualifications, reflecting his broad-based learning.

Darulifta Ahle Sunnat


After completing his religious studies, he was promptly selected by the esteemed Darul-Ifta Ahle Sunnat of Dawat-e-Islami. For the past decade, he has been consistently providing scholarly fatwas and authoring numerous research papers on various subjects. His intellectual contributions also extend to the writing of several Arabic and Urdu books, with some already published and others awaiting publication.

Professional Career

Besides his prolific writing, Mufti Sajid Attari is deeply committed to teaching. He provides advanced instruction in Fiqh and serves as a distinguished lecturer and Head of Department for the Specialization in Islamic Finance course.


Takhasus fil Fiqh

His leadership role also involves guiding the specializations of Fiqh ul Iqtisadiyaat (Economic Jurisprudence) and Fiqh ul Halal (Jurisprudence of Halal).

These specializations form integral parts of the broader domain of Takhasus fil Fiqh (Specialization in Jurisprudence).

Public Meetups

Beyond his local influence, Mufti Sajid Attari has extended his educational initiatives to countries like the UK and Nepal. Each year, he organizes seminars and public lectures on a variety of academic and Shariah topics, including fasting, Zakat, Hajj, partnership, and interest. His extensive knowledge and eloquent oration continue to inspire and enlighten audiences both at home and abroad.