[Q 277] On which day should nails be cut?


Is cutting nails anyday of the week ok? People say one shouldn’t cut nails on a Wednesday.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب بعون الملك الوهاب اللهم هداية الحق والصواب


Nails can be cut on all days of the week. However, a blessed Hadith prohibits cutting nails on Wednesday and states that doing so causes leprosy. Therefore, it is better not to cut nails on Wednesday.

However, if 40 days have passed, then it becomes necessary to cut them even if it is Wednesday.

The summary of the words of Imam E Ahle Sunnat رحمة الله عليه is:

If you had not cut your nails for 39 days and Wednesday is the 40th day, then if you do not trim them today, it will exceed 40 days which is impermissible and makruh tahrimi (extremely disliked). So it will become necessary (Wajib) upon you to cut your nails on Wednesday. But if this situation does not arise and few days have passed, then it is appropriate not to cut nails on Wednesday. However, if you do cut them, you will not be a sinner.

Answered by: Mubashir Attari (AskMufti Scholar)

Verified by: Mufti Sajid Attari

Translated by: Shaheer Attari

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