[Q 276] The conditions for a correct turban (Imāmah)


It is in a beautiful Hadith e Paak of my Prophet ﷺ that the reward for reading Salah whilst wearing a turban/Imamah Shareef is multiplied by 70. Of course, the reward would be even further multiplied in Ramadan. SubhanAllah! How blessed we are!

With that being said, what is classed as a turban? What are the conditions for a correct turban? Can it be of any material? Does it have to be a certain length? Can i just wrap a shawl as a turban?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب بعون الملك الوهاب اللهم هداية الحق والصواب


According to Sharia, the term ‘Imamah/Turban’ refers to a cloth tied on the head with a minimum of three wraps. And the Sunnah regarding the honourable Turban is that it should be at least two and a half yards long and at most six yards, and its tying should resemble a Dome shape.

• The cloth of the honourable Turban can be made of any cloth. However, one should avoid using a shiny cloth that is specifically worn by women.

• If a shawl is long enough to make three rounds around the head and cover the entire head, then it can also be tied on the head as a Turban. However, it is prohibited to tie a smaller shawl that only allows one or two rounds around the head. Also, neither shawl nor Turban should be worn without a topi (cap) underneath.

Allamah Abdul Haq Muhadddith Dehlavi رحمة الله عليه states:

“المراد ثلاثۃ لفائف”

Translation: The meaning of Turban is a cloth that can make three rounds.

(Lam’aat al-Tanqih, 4/110)

Mufti Muhammad Amjad Ali A’zami رحمة الله عليه states: “If three rounds can be worn from that cloth, then it falls under the ruling of Turban, otherwise not.”

(Fatawa Amjadiyyah, 1/199)

It is mentioned in Fatawa Radawiyyah: “The Sunnah regarding the Turban is that it should be neither less than two and a half yards nor more than six yards, and its tying should resemble a Dome shape.”

(Fatawa Ridawiyyah, Vol. 22, p. 186)

It is further mentioned in Fatawa Ridawiyyah: “If a handkerchief is large enough to make rounds that cover the head, then it becomes a Turban itself. Tying a small handkerchief that only allows one or two rounds is Makruh (disliked). One should not wear a turban or a handkerchief without a cap underneath. It is stated in a Hadith:

“فَرقُ مَا بَینَنَا وَ بَینَ المُشرِکِینَ العَمَائِمُ عَلَی القَلَانِس”


The difference between us and the polytheists is that we wear turbans over caps.’ (Abu Dawud, Kitab al-Libas, Bab fi al-‘Ama’im, 4/76, Hadith: 4078).

 (Fatawa Ridawiyyah, 7/299)

Answered By: Hammad Madani (Askmufti Scholar)

Verified By: Mufti Sajid Attari

Translated by: Shaheer Attari

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