[Q 265] Understanding committee in Islamic Finance or Hajj Financing through committee


Q1. Is commitee Money a kind of Loan?

Q-2 Can a person do hajj with commitee Money if he takes commitee money in start and keep paying it back in 2 years duration.

Q-3 how zakat is calculated on commitee Money.

Note: I haven’t received it but I am thinking about getting it and do hajj

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب بعون الملك الوهاب اللهم هداية الحق والصواب


1. If you have not yet received the committee money, the amount you have paid so far is like a debt you are entitled to receive. When calculating Zakat, you must include this accumulated amount as part of your wealth. And if you have received the committee amount before completion, the remaining installments constitute a debt on you, meaning you owe that much money. In this case, when calculating Zakat, deduct the remaining installments from your wealth and pay Zakat on the rest. Thus, committee money is indeed a kind of debt, but its nature can vary.

2. Yes, once you receive the committee money, you may use it to perform Hajj or Umrah. There is no issue in doing so.

3. Refer to answer number 1.

Answered by: Mubashir Attari (AskMufti Scholar)

Verified by: Mufti Sajid Attari

Date: 29th April 2024

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