[Q 236] Is it permissible to combine two or more prayers in one time? 


Is it permissible to combine two or more prayers in one time?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب بعون الملك الوهاب اللهم هداية الحق والصواب


Combining two prayers at one time for any excuse is not permissible neither in travel nor in residence; except in Muzdalifah for Maghrib and Isha, and in the field of Arafat for Dhuhr and Asr (with its conditions).

In Fatawa Hindiyah, it is stated,

ولا یجمع بین الصلاتین فی وقت واحد لا فی السفر ولا فی الحضر بعذر ما عدا عرفۃ ولمزدلفۃ کذا فی المحیط

“One cannot combine two prayers at one time, neither in travel nor in residence for any excuse, except in Arafah and Muzdalifah, as mentioned in Al-Muhit.”

(Book of Salah, Chapter on Timings of Salah, Volume 1, Page 52, Dar al-Fikr, Beirut)

The detail is as follows:

It is conclusively proven from the Holy Quran that every prayer has a designated time, and having a designated time means it is necessary to perform it within its time.

Allah عزوجل says,

‎ إِنَّ الصَّلَاةَ كَانَتْ عَلَى الْمُؤْمِنِينَ كِتَابًا مَّوْقُوتًا

Translation from Kanz al-Iman: Indeed, Salah has been made obligatory upon the Muslims at fixed times.

 (Part 5, Surah An-Nisa, Ayah 103)

Under this verse, Tafsir Khazin states,

والكتاب هنا بمعنى المكتوب يعني مكتوبة موقتة في أوقات محدودة فلا يجوز إخراجها عن أوقاتها على أي حال كان من خوف أو أمن

“The word ‘كتاب’ here is in the meaning of ‘مكتوب’, i.e. prescribed at specific times, so it is not permissible to perform them outside their times under any circumstance, whether in the state of fear or peace.”

(Tafsir Khazin (Lubab al-Ta’wil fi Ma’ani al-Tanzil), Volume 1, Page 423, Dar al-Kutub al-‘Ilmiyyah, Beirut)

And in the Ahadith Tayyibah, it is mentioned as impermissible and sinful to delay prayers beyond their times, which makes it clear that it is necessary to perform every prayer in its designated time, and it is not permissible to combine prayers.

In Muwatta Imam Malik narrated by Muhammad bin Hasan Shaybani, it is mentioned,

قال محمد: بلغنا , عن عمر بن الخطاب , أنه «كتب في الآفاق، ينهاهم أن يجمعوا بين الصلاتين، ويخبرهم أن الجمع بين الصلاتين في وقت واحد كبيرة من الكبائر» , أخبرنا بذلك الثقات، عن العلاء بن الحارث، عن مكحول

“Imam Muhammad ‎رحمة اللّٰه عليه said, we were informed regarding Hazrat Omar bin Al-Khattab ‎رضي اللّٰه تعالى عنه that he wrote letters to different regions forbidding them from combining two prayers and informed them that combining two prayers at one time is one of the major sins,” we were reported this by trustworthy people through Al-Ala bin Al-Harith from Makhul.

(Muwatta Imam Malik narrated by Muhammad bin Hasan Shaybani, Chapters on Prayer, Chapter on Combining Two Prayers in Travel and Rain, Page 82, Al-Maktaba Al-‘Ilmiyya)

Answered by: DaruliftaAhlesunnat

Translation by: Abu Burhan Attari

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