[Q 218] Ruling on wearing diapers in the state of Ihram?


What do the religious scholars and Muftis say regarding wearing diaper in the state of Ihram?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب بعون الملك الوهاب اللهم هداية الحق والصواب


In relation to wearing diapers during Ihram, the sharai ruling states that it is not allowed to wear any type of stitched clothing, whether it is physically stitched or conceptually stitched in meaning/ruling. Wearing such clothing in a customary/conventional way during Ihram is considered impermissible.

Basically there are two types of diapers:

Usually, there are two types of diapers that are available in the market:

  1. The first type is tailored to the body’s shape and doesn’t require attachment after wearing; it is worn just like underwear.
  2. The second kind includes those that are open/unstitched, similar to pads. They cannot be worn on the body. Rather, after placing it on the body, it is secured in place by attaching it from the sides. This is how it stays on the body. 

Ruling of the first type of diaper:

Regarding the first type of diaper, namely the one shaped like underwear, wearing it in the state of Ihram is impermissible according to sharia. This is due to its physical stitching, because of which it stays on the body. Additionally, it is worn in a customary/conventional manner. Wearing any stitched garment in a customary/conventional manner is prohibited during Ihram, as previously discussed. 

Ruling of the second type of diaper:

Concerning the second type of diaper, the one that is open or unstitched, it is also impermissible according to sharia, to be worn in the state of Ihram. Despite the absence of physical stitching in these diapers, they are still considered stitched conceptually in terms of ruling and meaning. Furthermore, since they are worn in a customary/conventional manner, the act of wearing them falls under the category of wearing a stitched cloth in a customary way. This leads it to share the same ruling of prohibition with the first type. As a result, wearing an open/unstitched diaper is prohibited in the state of Ihram due to its conceptual stitching in terms of meaning and ruling. 

As a summary, it is considered a sin to wear either type of diaper in the state of Ihram. In the case of wearing them, either Kaffara or Damm will become mandatory depending on whether they are worn for a short or long duration. This is a short answer. The detailed fatwa with its specifics will come up in a few days.

Answered by: Mufti Qasim Attari (Dar-ul-ifta Ahl-e-Sunat)

English Summarized by: Bilal Sadiq Madani 

For more details click no the link of detailed fatwa


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