[Q 214] Criteria for Mutawatir Hadith and Its Application


When we mention mutawatir we say that there needs to be a large group of people who can’t gather on false habitually. Would this condition also apply at the level of the sahaabah?

If yes, why? If we say that they are all aadil, then any one sahaabi should be enough. Why do we need a large group of sahaabah?

If not, why is the level of the sahaabah exempt from this condition?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب بعون الملك الوهاب اللهم هداية الحق والصواب


For a Hadith to be Mutawatir, it is also necessary that it has been narrated by Companions (Sahaba) in great number. And the question that if all Companions (Sahaba) are righteous, then one Companion (Sahabi) should be enough!

The answer to this is that, we also consider the Hadith of one Companion (Sahabi) to be authentic (Sahih). But Mutawatir Hadith is a special term that is used for such a Hadith that the mind commands that this thing cannot be false in any way. In the Hadith narrated by one Companion (Sahabi), there is also a possibility that it may be possible that this Companion (Sahabi) may have misheard or misunderstood the command of the Prophet ﷺ. Whereas in the Hadith narrated by many Companions (Sahaba), all such possibilities are eliminated and certain knowledge is obtained.

Therefore, it is also necessary that it is reported in great number by Companions (Sahaba). But if it is not reported in great number amongst the Companions (Sahaba), then although it will not be Mutawatir, it will still be considered authentic (Sahih) and reliable (Mustanad).

In Sharh Nukhbat al-Fikr, the conditions of Mutawatir Hadith are stated:

“رووا ذلک عن مثلہم من الابتداء إلى الانتھاء”

Translation: One condition of Mutawatir Hadith is that it should be narrated by such a group from the beginning to the end that it is impossible to gather on a lie.

(Sharh Nukhbat al-Fikr, Page: 39)

Answered By: Hammad Madani (Ask Mufti Scholar)

Verified By: Mufti Sajid Attari

Translated By: Shaheer Attari

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