Islamic Ruling on Men’s Jewelry


Misconception within Muslim men is around Gold is impermissible, other metals are permitted?


It is absolutely unlawful (haram) for men to wear any kind of jewellery, whether it is made of gold, silver, or other metals like copper, brass, tin, etc. The only thing permitted for men is to wear one single ring made of silver and it must have one stone, weighing no more than 4.5 masha (4.374 grams). Wearing any ring made of other metals, or wearing more than one ring, or wearing a ring without a stone, or wearing a ring weighing more than 4.5 masha, even if it is made of silver, it is impermissible and sinful for men. Likewise, wearing any other kind of jewelry like earrings etc. is also impermissible and sinful for men, even if made of silver.
It should be noted that women can wear gold, silver and other metal jewelry.
It is unlawful (haram) and impermissible for men to wear gold jewellery, as mentioned in this Hadith: “Hazrat Ali رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ narrated that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ took silk in his right hand and gold in his left hand and said:

“ان هذین حرام علی ذکور امتی” 

‘These two are unlawful (haram) for the males of my nation (Ummah).

(سنن ابو داؤد، کتاب اللباس، باب فی الحریر للنساء، جلد2، صفحہ206، مطبوعہ لاھور)

A ring is also a jewellery. The condemnation of wearing rings made of metals other than silver for men is mentioned in this Hadith from Sunan Abi Dawud:

أن رجلا جاء إلى النبى صلى الله عليه وسلم وعليه خاتم من شَبَه فقال له “ما لى أجد منك ريح الأصنام” فطرحه ثم جاء وعليه خاتم من حديد فقال “ما لى أرى عليك حلية أهل النار “۔ فطرحه فقال يا رسول الله من أى شىء أتخذه قال اتخذه  من ورق ولا تتمه مثقالاً

“A man came to the Prophet ﷺ wearing a ring made of brass. He said: ‘What is this stench of idols coming from you?’ So the man threw it away. Then he came wearing an iron ring. He ﷺ said: ‘Why do I see the adornment of the people of Hell on you?’ So he threw that away too. He said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, what kind of ring should I get made?’ He replied: ‘Have one made of silver, but do not make it a full mithqal (unit of weight).’

سنن أبي داود، کتاب الخاتم، حدیث 4223،ج 04،ص 144، دار الكتاب العربي، بيروت)

Explaining the ruling on men wearing jewellery, Ala Hazrat رحمة الله عليه states: “It is unlawful and impermissible for men to wear anklets, bracelets made of copper, gold, silver, brass, tin or iron on their hands or feet, or wear earrings, nose pins or a ring made of gold, copper, brass, tin or iron, even if it has one stone, or a silver ring weighing 4.5 masha or more, or multiple rings collectively weighing 1 masha, because all these things are impermissible and unlawful for men.”

(Fatawa Ridawiyyah, Vol. 7, p. 307, Raza Foundation, Lahore)

Answered by: Tabaruk Madani (AskMufti Scholar)
Verified by: Mufti Sajid Attari
Translated by: Shaheer Attari

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