Correcting Missed Sajda-Tilawat in Salah


An imam forgets to perform Sajda-Tilawat during a Farz prayer, and he exits prayer as usual and so does the congregation. (They get up talk and actually exit prayer). 

Did Sajda-Sahw become obligatory during that Salah (i.e. that prayer needs repeating), or do we just make a Sajda Tilwat to make up for the missed one?


If he did Sajda of Salah imminently after reading the Ayaah of Sajda i.e. before reading more than 3 ayaat/verses he performed Ruku and then Sajda of Salah, so Sajda e tilawat did automatically with the Sajda of Salah. So in this scenario no need of sajdah sahw or repeating or anything else. 

And if he did not do Sajda of salah imminently as well and did not remember till end of salah, then nothing now can be done because the Sajda Tilawat which became Wajib in Salah can only be done in Salah, so now he cannot perform it and because he forgotten, so there is no sin also.

Answered by: Mufti Sajid Attari

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