Accidental Fast Breaking Rules


If I accidentally broke my fast (I knew I was fasting water went down throat by accident, do I still have to wait till iftar to eat and drink or I don’t have to wait till iftar since my fast is invalid?


Yes, you have to remain/spend rest of the day as fasting person till Iftar.

Islamic Law: Actually when fast of someone became invalid in Ramadan, in some cases, it becomes Wajib (necessary) to remain/spend rest of the day like a fasting person, these cases are as follow:

1. When a traveller became resident.

2. When a woman attained purification from her Haidh or Nifaas (i.e. periods or postnatal bleeding)

3. When an insane person regained his/her sense.

4. When an ill person became well/healthy.

5. When fast of someone became invalid, even someone other made his/her fast invalid forcefully.

6. When water or any other thing goes down the throat by mistake.

7. When a non-muslim became Muslim

8. When a Na-Baaligh became Baaligh i.e. reached the age of puberty.

9. When someone ate and thought it is still sehri time but sehri time was elapsed in reality.

10. When someone ate with the thoughts that sun has set but sun was not set in reality.

Answered by: Arslan Madani (AskMufti Scholar)

Verified by: Mufti Sajid Attari 

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