Automatic washing machine and impure clothes


Does an automatic washing machine make impure clothes pure?


When there is visible filth (najasah) on clothing and we wash it in a washing machine which passes water over it, then after we remove it, if there is no sign of that filth on it i.e. colour, smell or taste, that clothing will be considered pure.

If there is invisible filth on clothing then the condition of it becoming pure is that it be washed three times and wrung after each wash to the extent that no further drop falls from it. If the washing machine fulfills this by taking in water three times, washing the clothing three times and spinning it after each of the three washings such that if it were wrung by hand no further drop would fall from it then that clothing would be considered purified. if the machine does not do this process as mentioned then clothing would not be considered pure.

Answered by: Mufti Sajid Attari

Translated by: Ibrar Shafi

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