definition of Amal-e-Kath’ir and Amal-e-Qaleel


What is the definition of Amal-e-Kath’ir and Amal-e-Qaleel?


Amal-e-Kath’ir is, for one to carry out such an action during Salah that the onlooker from a distance would think and determine that the individual is definitely not performing Salah. However, if that onlooker has a doubt that he might be in Salah, then, in this case it will be Amal-e-Qaleel.

One time doing Amal-e-Kath’ir invalidates Salah and Amal-e-Qaleel only invalidates salah when it is repeated 3 times in one Rukn of Salah, otherwise it doesn’t.

Answered by: Mufti Sajid Attari

Translated by: Ikram Attari

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